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Help us send dog tags to troops in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan so they can send them to their kids back home!

This is a grassroots effort to show our support for the troops and their families. We tried to think of something we could send Dad or Mom that they could easily send back to their kids. This is something easy to ship and something the kids can hang on to until Dad or Mom gets back home.

Your donation will help send a tag in the appropriate service color to an appreciative service member. There is NO charge to the service member or their family for these tags. As of July, 2012, we have sent over 723,560 tags to the troops overseas to send home to their children. Please help us make a difference and thank our troops by putting a smile on their kid's faces!

The Story Behind The Effort

We heard a story about a soldier who was in Iraq, and he wanted to send his kids a package. They were so excited to receive it because they got something from Dad who had been away for some time. He sent the only things he had access to: a couple of band aids and some sun screen. The kids didn't care, after all, it came from Dad!!

We tried to think of something we could send Mom or Dad that they could easily send back to their kids. What soldier's child doesn't want a dog tag of their own, especially one like Mom or Dad wears?

The older kids can put it on their key rings, the little ones can put it on their back pack or jacket zippers and the middle kids can actually wear it since we are sending them all with chains.

From the Camp Pendleton Newsletter

letters and calls from home

See our story as featured on Fox News!

Dog Tags for Kids on Fox News

Here is a wonderful homecoming for a military Mom and daughter. Watch at the end to see a tag being proudly worn!


Letters and Quotes

"Thank You So Much for the Dog Tags for the kids. We are from the Indiana Army National Guard, deployed with the 76th Infantry Brigade to Kabul, Afghanistan. Located in Camp Phoenix. I'll pass the word some more. Again, Thank You So Much for all that have supported our Troops!"

Ham, out

The VFW endorses the program!

VFW Endorsement

The Dog Tag Totals

dog tag totals

This graph represents the tags that have been sent. Please help us reach the top!.


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